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Creation and management of authentic, reliable, and secure financial records are very critical actions to NHIA. NHIA therefore desired to deploy a uniform and standardized automated accounting package for the district and regional offices.
The goal of this project was to automate financial operations to achieve an efficient and flexible application which will facilitate the timely submission of accurate and comprehensive financial data from the system for financial reporting at some selected district and regional offices to aid timely management decisions. The application simplifies processes to ensure increased productivity across the organization. The application addresses the following for NHIA with ease and precision:
 Collect accurate, timely, complete, reliable, consistent information;
 Provide adequate management reporting;
 Support government-wide and agency policy decisions;
 Support budget preparation and execution;
 Facilitate the preparation of financial statement;
 Provide information for central budgeting, analysis and government-wide reporting;
 Provide complete audit trail to facilitate audits.
 Provide security and authentication systems

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